Trade mark registration

Trade mark registration

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In simple words, trademarks is a special unique signs that are used to identify goods or services from a certain company. It can be designs as a pictures or signs or even expressions. It is important because it differentiates between your products from your competitors. Trademark can be associated with your brand or product. Trademark is classified as intellectual property and therefore is protected from copyright. Its rights are protected by the Trademark Act, 1999 To get the protection of trademark rights, it has to register with trademark. It is very important to register your business with trademark because it will create your own brand and also prevents you from others to misrepresenting other products with your trademark. Trademarks help the customers to recognize the brand and the brand value in one look such as example of the logo of a tick sign for Nike or a jumping wildcat for Puma etc.

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Unlike patents, trademark does not have a definite limitation period to expired. Where a patent expires in 20 years a trademark registration expires after 10 years of its registration, but a trademark can be renewed again for another 10 years. This process can be indefinitely done as long as you keep renewing your trademark. It will not expire and will continue to be under the protection of the Act.

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